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STC has been leading the charge in Immunization Intelligence ™ for 26 years with the development of state immunization registry software, disease surveillance projects and now, with ImmsLink, helping customers connect to immunization registries at the provider level.


Our goal is to make it simple, affordable, and efficient to provide vaccinations and improve population health and expanding the use of immunization information systems is key.


While we take great pride in delivering quality services, we are driven by the fact that we play a key role in protecting children and adults from vaccine-preventable disease, ultimately creating healthier populations.


Scientific Technologies Corporation is widely recognized as a leading health informatics company in the U.S. Get the full story at www.stchome.com.

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3 Simple Steps to a
Successful Pharmacy Immunization Program

Pharmacy Needs

See how STC’s innovative products
add value to healthcare databases.


Healthier Patients, Healthier Profits:
Study results from a pharmacy pilot using ImmsLink.

Complete Whitepaper

Improving Immunization Practices:
Suggestions to improve your immunization services

Check-Off List

Importance of and operability of Immunization Information Services:

Powerpoint presentation put together by the CDC to educate providers on the importance of and operability of Immunization Information Systems.



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Customer Testimonials

“Thanks for helping ensure that our kids get their vaccines, and get them as they should. This is probably the single most important thing we do.”


Provider - Louisiana

“Having access to a patient’s immunization history is awesome! This allows me to utilize decision support in advocating for the immunizations my patients need. It’s more than just about giving a flu shot.”

Pharmacy Client - Alaska

“Now that we have bi-directional access to STC (ImmsLink) in MN, I wanted to see if we could add this functionality to all states that are able. This has been a huge help to show patients where the gaps in IMZs are.”

Pharmacist - Minnesota

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Contact the STC ImmsLink team for any questions or concerns.

Scientific Technologies Corporation
411 South 1st Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004

E: immslinksales@stchome.com
P: +877-791-6415


STC is the industry leader in providing immunization registry reporting and bi-directional access for community pharmacy, from large national chains to independents. Our 28 years of experience in the immunization registry business allows us to create custom solutions ensuring simple, easy and accurate reporting for your pharmacy. Significantly reduce staff data entry and confusion associated with setting up registry reporting when you trust the Immunization Intelligence experts.

Current Options Available:

Registry reporting via our ImmsLink portal or a seamless secure file transfer to eliminate double data entry

Empower providers to improve vaccination rates by delivering real-time access to patients’ immunization histories at the point of care. Using the integrated “vaccine forecaster”, Pharmacists can see a patient specific guide to due or past due vaccinations and make recommendations to get their patients up to date.

Integrated options also available through our many partners.
Contact us today to learn more: immslinksales@stchome.com


Make sure your providers are positioned to maximize Meaningful Use and MIP’s incentives!

STC deploys a real-time, bi-directional immunization registry reporting interface that will query the appropriate state immunization registry and download complete patient histories within EHR workflow.
The ImmsLink solution allows for record matching so providers can consolidate missing information with state vaccination histories.

  • ImmsLink’s integrated, best in class forecaster allows providers to see patient specific immunization recommendations
  • Backed by STC’s Public Health professionals, we ensure that ImmsLink will always remain compliant with ever-changing ACIP guidelines

Our simple integration makes implementation easy.
Contact us today to learn more: immslinksales@stchome.com


Available for users of : GE Centricity, AllScripts, Medical Mastermind, Amazing Charts, Quest, Aprima, DigiCharts, Magnus Health, PSNI and more! Check with us for full list

Don’t miss out on meaningful use incentives! We are ready for MU3, are you??

ImmsLink is an immunization registry reporting interface that integrates seamlessly into your EHR application allowing you real-time, bi-directional data exchange with state immunization registries.

  • Query patients in the state registry from within your EHR
  • Match IIS record with EHR record and consolidate missing information
  • Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified
  • Integrated, best in class, forecaster makes it easier than ever to keep patients up to date
  • Backed by STC’s Public Health professionals, we can guarantee that ImmsLink will always remain compliant with the ever changing ACIP guidelines

Certified ImmsLink Resellers:

  • HealthCo
  • Health Systems
  • Quatris

Contact us today to learn more: immslinksales@stchome.com

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